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Mass Planner Review

Review of : Mass Planner 

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Mass Planner has everything you need to grow you social media accounts on autopilot. It supports multiple platforms.  Updates and new features are being added almost on a weekly basis

Since Mass Planner is such a beast and has so many features it can be quite a big learning curve.  I think user interface could be improved but I can't think how they could do that and still have all the features.  The team are always open to suggestions and get back to you within 24 hours  

On average other similar software charge  £10 a month per platform.  By comparison if you were to sign up for all them separately with other providers  you could be paying upwards of £60 a month.  

Mass Planner at $10 a month or $44 if you pay for 6 months in one go, is simply a steal, an absolute bargain that's worth every penny.​

Summary: If you want to make your mark online you can't ignore social media.  Social media is growing like wildfire however with this growth comes competition.   Keeping your head above the competition can take hours of work a day with very little to show for it.   Save  them hours by using Mass Planner to grow your social media accounts strategically.   Mass Planner is the most feature rich, most powerful social media automation software I've come across so far.  It provides amazing value for money and great support.

  • Excellent Value For Money
  • Extremely Powerful And Feature Rich
  • ​Supports Multiple Platforms
  • Can Run Multiple Strategic Campaigns
  • Notifies You When Your Campaign Is Running Low on Content
  • Ability Automatically Add Hashtags
  • Ability To Delete Old Posts
  • Ability Re Add Published Posts
  • Post To Multiple Facebook Groups and Walls Automatically
  • Choose Posting Times Or Randomize
  • Randomize Number of Posts
  • Excellent Support
  • Updated Regularly
  • Too Many Others To List
  • Too many features make it a big learning curve
  • Being irresponsible with it can get you banned 
  • Can Be Used By Spammers
  • The software is run from your computer, so your computer has to be switched on.
  • No robust analytics

$9.99 a month or $44 for 6  Months (FREE 5 day Trial)

"It can now be said that a successful enterprise has to be social" 

Phil Robinson, director of relationship marketing for 1 June 2012

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Social media platforms give you access to a massive audience on tap.  As opposed to SEO and google, you can target audiences based on their interests and other variable simply by the things they share and talk about or the groups and they hang out it in.  

The only problem is building a following and having them come to you can be a very lengthy mind numbing task.  

Long before I embarked on trying to make any money online I enjoyed using social media, Facebook, Pinterest and even Hi5 if you can remember that far back.  

I could always sense that there was potential to make money from it.  So when I started ​learning about online marketing the first courses I studied were about social media marketing.  

​I tried following all the politically correct advice of putting out valuable content, but it was a real time drain trying to 1. Create or curate the content  2. Get it out spacing it out evenly through out the day.  Or posting at the best times.

Problem Growing Social Media Accounts

​Despite my best efforts acting upon all the best practices I learnt from the gurus my growth was still painfully slow.  

 Are you in the same boat I was?

Do you feel like you're wasting hours trying to grow your social media accounts?

Don't worry you're not alone.

 What I eventually learnt was the only thing that works is if you follow others and unfollow the ones that don't follow you back for platforms like Twitter and Instagram.  On top of putting out good quality content. That's the only way you'll get the attention of those that are likely to consume your content.

As I've mentioned opening paragragh, building a large social media following can be very laborious and time consuming with very little to show for it in the beginning. I've been there and done it and the time spent really bothered me too. 

I've lost count how many social media automation tools I've tried and tested and the hours I've spent following, unfollowing and posting to various social media platforms before Mass Planner. 

The worst part of it is when you see followers dropping off if you've not been able to the grind for a day or two.  It used to really mess with my head seeing my hard work go to waste.

 Followers dropping is something you will have to get used to but it shouldn't matter if you've grown your followers on autopilot.

Overall you followers should be growing.  Those that stay are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

On twitter you need to be putting out at least 30 tweets a day, made up of your own tweets and retweets,  for optimal potential for growth imagine trying to time all that and doing it manually.

I've been dabbling with Mass Planner for around 5 months and still I haven't harnessed it's true potential partly because it keeps getting updated with more features . Prior to using Mass Planner it took me 6 months of daily grind of up to 2 hours a day, to build my twitter account to around 1500.  

Everything In One Software

Even though I was using other free services like Tweepi, ManageFlitter etc. In fact that was chore in itself going from one site to another. 

With Mass Planner you get everything in one place. At the time of writing Not only my twitter but my Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus have grown in excess of 2000 followers in a month on complete automation.  I’m getting good engagement too that is increasing as I tweak stuff when I have time. I've still not harnessed it's full potential.  I’ve not even started using the Tumblr or Linked In features.

It starts and runs on your computer without you even noticing it. No more jumping from site to site changing different settings.

It's got a whole host of other features, but I'm sure you're not here to read about the features you can do that on the official Mass Planner Site​ Here


The support is awesome as well.   Any time I've had an issue they've always been freindly and got back to me within 24 hours with and answer.  These guys are not motivated by making money as much as they are about helping others otherwise they could easily charge a lot more.

It gets updated every few days to make it better and more powerful with more features. Once again all done automatically.


At $10 a month it's an absolute steal. Only $44 for 6 months, if you pay 6 months at a time. If you compare it to all the others and what you get this should be priced around the £1000 mark, that's no exaggeration, but I'm not complaining. I'm extremely frugal and pennywise and won't spend a penny more than I need to and this is worth every penny. I could write a further 1000 words telling you about how and why it's so amazing but you can do the research yourself, I don't like hard selling. In closing all I will say is every conceivable hurdle that there is in social media marketing and automation; These guys have got it covered.

The features and benefits are too many to list see my post on how to grow your social media followers. Mass Planner does all that and more on autopilot.

I’m creating my own Mass Planner Guide and Webinar based on what I’ve learnt, showing you some awesome features with tremendous potential that you might easily overlook like I did for months. Get Your Copy

  1. Save time

  2. Grow your social media following (I know a guy who grew his twitter account to over a 100k and makes £2,000 month just from selling to his twitter followers)

  3. Get your life back

Mass Planner is an absolute beast of a software. There is a massive learning curve, even if you have experience of other SMM software.  Like I've said after 3 months I’m still learning and tweaking stuff some things you can only learn through experience. Whilst the team behind it are always adding more features and making it better.

My Results

I gained over twitter 1500 followers in a month on autopilot without even trying.  Look at the last two days 1000 followers, it was actually over a 1000 but the it's a bit slow to update.  That’s was just after I implemented my tweaks.  I haven't implemented everything yet more to follow I'm expecting  massive snowball effect God Willing.  I’ll share these with you if you buy through my affiliate link.

Twitter Followers


Nearly 700 in 16 days, once again that's without even trying i.e. I haven't applied everything else I know about acquiring more followers.​

Instagram Follower

Full Disclosure I am an affiliate because I really believe in it, use it daily and love it. So if you buy with this link you'll be helping me for helping you, without any loss to yourself

Get Mass Planner.   Alternatively if you haven’t got the time to be messing around tinkering with software, obtaining images, writing up tweets, you can hire me to do it all for you.

I have no idea why other internet marketers aren’t promoting this product. I suspect it’s because the affiliate commission isn’t as high.

To make your life easy I’m offering these bonuses you get the benefit of a year’s worth of experience and training done for you...

Special Bonus 1

As a special bonus if you use my affiliate link you can contact me to help you optimize it's taken me, an IT guy, over a month of playing with it and still learning. Plus I'll share a number of other cool secrets.

Special Bonus 2

I will share with you my summary of notes I’ve taken from over a £1000 worth of social media marketing courses.

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