How to Discover Your Life’s Vision and Live A Happier Life

Once the Prophet (peace be upon him) was sitting with two men who legs were exposed when a third man walked in and saw the legs of other two men. Upon which he immediately said ‘Somewhere down the line you two are related’. Hearing this the Prophet smiled, it pleased him so much that he went home and related the incident to his wife Aisha (RA)

This might seem like a strange narration and why have I mentioned it here and what is the take home point for this? It is that our Prophet recognised talent.

Each and everyone of you has something you are good at, the one thing your Orwellian Destiny. It is up to you to discover what that talent is and use it to best serve you in this world and the hereafter. Take for example, some people are introverts and they find it easier to sit at home and do dhikr, others are extroverts and they find it easier to talk to people and spread the wonderful authentic message of Islam, one of peace forgiveness and tolerance each of them can use what he/she is good at.

In fact we shouldn’t be so narrow minded and limited in our thinking. One could almost literally use any skill or talent they have to better the lives of humans. Contribute to and improve society thus paving their way to Jannah (paradise). Noman Ali Khan speaks about this often.

Studies have shown those who discover and align themselves with their vision for life live happier lives. So What is your vision of life and how do you find out?

Remember in order for you to achieve your highest goal your talent needs to meet with circumstances. Watch these FREE videos to get you started.

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