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Facebook like many things in life (such as wives) can be like a double edged sword. It has some amazing benefits and some major drawbacks too.

The Benefits

Communicating with family and freinds. I have some family and freinds who I’ve not spoken to or heard from in years, prior to facebook. Since the advent of facebook I’m communicating with them more often and we are able to get a glimpse in to each others lives. Facebook has made it easy. At one time if I wanted to show holiday pics to my relatives I would have had to make time to show them all individually, which in many would have been practically impossible. Now I just upload the album to facebook and grant them access and hoila! All done! Then there are other uses awesome benefits we’ll get too at the bottom.

The Drawbacks

Apart from the obvious, like security and privacy which I’m not going to get in to in this post. I assume you’re all responsible adults reading this post. The biggest for me and probably for yourself too, are distractions and suck up your valuable time.  I recently posted about this and some were surprised.  Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to have a laugh with freinds online a few minutes of the day, but when this becomes hours then it’s a real problem. When your freinds and family offline are feeling it.  When you’re neglecting your other duties and your productivity in other areas is dented, you need to take control and reign it in. The worst of the distracting nonsense is when someone uploads a picture of a cat and decides it's so awesome that they have to tag everyone on their freinds list. Then you start getting a never ending list of notifications from all the other retards with nothing better to do, so they have to comment, “awww… that’s so cute”.  Thankfully I don’t have too many of those.  Sadly I’m plagued with much worse the ‘Haram Police’ or the ‘Subhanallah, Mashallah’ folks. These guys feel the need to police the internet with things like this

Zakir Naik
Muslim Beards
Haram Eyebrows

I'm going to make a salient point... patience I'm coming to it.  Or they  highlight their immaturity and shortsightedness with with things like this...

Only because she spent an hour doing her I make up mate!! 

Merry Christmas

Benefits Continued...

Ok so now that I’ve wasted enough of your time let’s get to the meat (sorry vegetarians.. please don’t tag me on your vegetarian memes). These benefits should especially help out the folk that keep tagging me on their merchandise for sale. Just for information for you folks I don’t know too many guys interested in buying makeup. I’m sure most their wives buy their own make up. So stop tagging everyone and oh! I shop for most of my clothes at Primark I’ve no need for your expensive designer Arab (not Islamic) clothing.

There is a hidden community on facebook that is very valuable, where great minds meet and exchange information. Like your whatsapp group but with more features. They are called facebook groups. If you’ve tried joining groups and not found them to be productive it’s because you been doing it all wrong. Here’s the correct way. The criteria for getting the most out of groups are the following

Join only groups with large numbers, at least a thousand unless your area of interest is a very narrow niche, like South Asian Muslim Lesbian One Armed Ping Pong Players, or a very close knit mastermind with you and your mates.   The other thing to note is, if after a month or so you find that you're not able to provide or receive any value in that group because:

  • Their is not much activity.
  • The admins of that group are very selective of who they allow to post, usually their clique.
  • Sometimes they might allow you to post only if it serves their interest.  


 Some groups are set up just as a lead generation for the group owners. These are pointless.

Join groups that are active.  Check the groups to see if the people on their are genuinely active and engaged. Groups that are full of spammy self promotion doesn’t count.

Now if you’ve tried this manually it can be quite time consuming.  I have also noticed when you search within facebook you get very few results.

Here is a tool that you can use that gets results like this, it found 26 groups with over 5000 members in a matter of minutes, you can set the criteria to whatever you want. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for this tool.

Facebook Group Finder Mass Planner

For a more detailed review click here.

Now this tool is primarily for Internet Marketers, however it has so many benefits and so well priced I would have purchased it even if I wasn’t involved in Online Marketing.

Lastly there is facebook advertising which is relatively cheap and if done correctly can give you a very good ROI (Return On Investment) which I’ll write about that another time. I hope that’s helped if you have any questions or comments you can leave them down below. What things annoy you the most on facebook and what are you favourite advantages?

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