How to Sort Ya Head Out!

The Importance of A Growth Mindset and How To Develop It

As I work on my mindset I realise just how important it is. Like a lot of people I used to think there are some truths but most of it iswas airy fairy.  However I'm beginning to realise it's actually the foundation of everything else and it's the first thing you need to tackle. When I'm in the right headspace, or the 'In The Zone', I can feel the fire in my belly, I can taste the success, it feels so real I can see it touch it almost.  It motivates me to work tirelessly.   Those are the ingredients you need to succeed in achieving your goals in whatever endeavour you are pursuing.

Your beliefs and minset shapes your reality.  I gave this example to my 12 year old daughter the other day. When we're crossing the road we cross it when we believe it's safe to do so. If however we saw distant cars, potholes or any number of other things and thought it's not safe we would never have the courage to even cross a road. In fact we could end up having an anxiety attack just from the thought of crossing a road.

There is a Bengali saying that goes 'It's not the tiger of the field that devours you but the one in the mind'.  Sometimes great achievers are seen as arrogant.  This is not always the  true, rather they have supreme level of confidence and belief in themselves.

How To Develop A Succesful Mindset

​I'll explain these further at a later date.




I do all those things by reading the Qur'an daily with understanding, once again I'll explain how that works at a later date. Think of it as active meditation 'Tai Lopez'.  You can also help to develop the right mindset by reading books that motivate and inspire you, books like 'Success Principles'.  

I also workout out, training  combined with caffeine work wonders for me too.  As Grant Cardone would say "Do whatever it takes",  to take you from a negative limiting mindset to a positive successful growth mindset.  

​One of the other courses that have really help hone my mindset was Tai Lopez's 67 steps, you can read my brief unfinished (just like this post) review here.

Finally, you can't pour water into a cup that's upside down.  You need to be ready to learn and take action. It will take consistency to see results.

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