I’m Adam Kaan I’m a Teacher, Trainer and a Father. I have a passion for teaching and learning. My areas of interest are many, Health and Fitness, Quranic Arabic, Education, Self Improvement, Space Exploration (no joke), Neuroscience, Parenting, mainly from bringing up two kids on my own, Graphics/Web Design, Internet Marketing, to name just a few.

I’m here to share my passion and help others achieve their goals and dreams.

Most of the products I recommend will be tried and tested by myself. Occasionally I might recommend something that a trusted source has told me about. If that happens and the product doesn’t live up to it’s claim contact me, show me you did the work and it failed to deliver and I’ll remove it off my site.

Right from when I began my business I decided that my USP would be brutal honesty and transparency. My first objective is to prefer people over profit because The One Above is the Best of Providers. I would rather go broke before being accused of ripping someone off or being deceitful. As a result many around me have always said I’ll never make a good businessman.. My response has always been ‘So be it’!!