Is Tai Lopez A Scammer? – 67 Steps Review

Tai Lopez is the kind of guy you love or hate.  The king of internet and YouTube trolls, but that annoying video of his worked.  It got me to try his 67 steps.  To give credit where it's due, I found it very interesting.  At first I thought this is nothing new I know all this.  However I'm only now beginning to appreciate what he's done.  He has summarised a tremendous amount of wisdom in 67 steps.  Although I'm still sceptical of him reading a book a day.  🙂

 His perspective on some of it is also quite interesting and opens up another avenue for thought.  I find it very useful to refer to back to his 67 steps to reinforce and internalise a growth mindset.  Treat it is as my dose of positive affirmations.  This has helped me to mentally stay on track and resulting in steady progress and business growth.  

This course falls in the category of developing the right mindset which is should be everyone's first priority. That is something else I talk about in one of my other posts.  

There is a lot to like about the course.  I particularly  liked  how he shatters some of the cultish beliefs and affirmations within in the 'Self Help' community, which was a bit of reality check for myself too.  I also like how he provides a pointers on how to discover you Orwelian Destiny.  Each one of his 67 steps provides some value.  If I went through them all this would turn in to very lengthy post, however I will add more when I have time.

It's not a get rich quick action plan.  It's designed to get your thought process in gear and develop the right mindset.   Achieving the right mindset is priceless.  For that alone it's worth it.

P.S.  Although I am a big believer in mentors and teachers, see Talent Code, because I believe they can shorten your journey,  and help you reach your destination quicker.  I couldn't afford his coaching programme at the time and didn't think I needed it.  I've already got tons of resources and that I need to get through and some very good teachers and mentors already.

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